Writing Commissions

What words do you need for a special occasion? Retirement? Want to celebrate the life of that special person… sing their praises at birthdays or anniversaries?

How about a Praise Poem? I can create this for you – an original poem based on a life story. I have written the praises of 50. 60, 70, 80 and 90 year olds…of people retiring or marking significant happenings…

Praise Poem Recipients

Praise Poem Recipients

Here is a sample written for the late Sybbie Barnett and presented at her 90th birthday in 2013:

wise as Sophia and Solomon combined
we celebrate you, mazel tov. l’chaim
matriarch of moments and marvel…
you are our Dame Sybbie for
there is nothin’ like a dame,
nothin’ in the world,
there is nothin’ you can name
that is anythin’ like this dame.
you, filled with Sybil fizz and ageless age,
waltz through the gateless gate
on the arms of our endless love.