Whats on June 2018


1. Somerset West

Magic Carpet Writing Group R690 (6 sessions)
Need to be part of a fun-loving supportive thinking/being
group of aspirant writers?

Last Wed evening of every month 18.30 – 21.30
…. we meet in an art studio. Writing exercises,
conversation, energy, soup and wine. Beginners are
welcome.. make writing friends …. Next eve Wed 27 June

2. Crossroads

Creative Writing/ Journalling Course for young women
June 2018 SA Assn of Women Graduates Cape Town Branch
writing wordshops to empower young women through lifelong education for
leadership, decision making and peace

3. Pringle Bay

You say you can’t write? A Creative Wordshop
Sun I July 09.00 -16.30 R500 winter reduction – only R380
You help me to sound like me (many participants)

Do you struggle to put thoughts on paper/screen? Feel you will be judged? Say
‘writing is not for me? Yet would like to try?

I bring news. We can all learn to write and tell our stories. This wordshop offers a safe
place to explore your innate creativity and imagination and find the words to tell
these stories (in your chosen language)… to run around those blocks.

Writing involves a conversation with yourself and with others. An exchange of energies. A skill drawn
from attention, presence and openness – an organic process rather than a talent.

Whether you see yourself as a beginner or someone who has befriended words, this
wordshop will help you find your voice. – and will link to other ways in which you can
enjoy your creativity. We also focus on how to be present in your writing and engage
the reader as a creative partner. Enrich your life. And source your bliss.
Venue: 345 Hangklip Rd Pringle Bay (home of Annamarie Breytenbach – 082 900 9106)


4. Magaliesberg, Emoyeni Buddhist Retreat Centre (bookings emoyeni.org.za )
Fri 8 – Sun 10 June

6a. Zen Pen: A Writing, Being & Meditation Retreat

Looking at your image in a clear stream, you answer the question by your very

In this workshop we explore the connection between writing and meditation. We write
and meditate on the many changes and transformations we experience as we
journey along the river of our lives. We consider how creativity steadies the boat and
how writing helps us dip the oars into dark water so we may navigate the river safely.

6b. Outer and Inner Journeys A Creative Journal Retreat
Sun 10 – Tues 12 June

You could travel into the inner man, or the inner woman. On a journey of that sort
you find gold. (Rumi)

Journals involve both outward (observation) and inward (reflective) journeys. Since
journaling is about listening to inner voices, it has the power to unblock and release
potential in all spheres of our lives. The journal also cultivates the practice of regular
writing which then feeds into other genres – fiction, life stories and poetry. This mini
workshop will encourage all who participate to access their creativity and
imagination, engage the discipline and learn writing skills.

June 2018 whats on