What’s on – June 2017

1.Pringle Bay

Your Life, your Movie
Sat 24 June 09.30 – 16.30 Sun 25 June 09.30 – 13.00 R880
Life is a tragedy viewed close up and a comedy in the long shot (Charlie

Imagine directing your life as a film.

How would you work out the story board/line? How would you start it – with what
dramatic sequence? What songs and theme music would you include? The
Grateful Dead? Mozart? What visual artist might feature? Frida Kahlo? Marc
Chagal? Who would some of the other characters/antagonists be? Memorable
meals? Rooms at home or abroad vibrating with energy? Street scenes? How has
your world view changed over the years? What symbols carry power for you?
How would you represent them? What angles, lighting? What close-ups? How
would you use the zoom? Where would you cut certain scenes? And the
ending… and rolling credits?

Who should attend? anyone who:
 is writing autobiography, biography or fiction ..whatever
 wants to view their life through a different lens
 loves the larger than ‘lifeness’ of film and relishes the movies

I love the generation film/ that spans the forehead /of
a family line. / the wheel spins hair/ on a ninety-minute
reel,/forming fluff, now blond /now old then grey,/
now silver shade/ sewn on a wintry head. (Cinematic
Speed –Dorian)

Dorian is the purest storyteller …Archetypes cling to his coat tails and hide in his
book-bag hoping for a mention in his next work. Every creative writer should work
with Dorian.