Whats on July 2019

What’s on … Storyshops/ Writeshops/ Conversations

If you want these in your area ask ask ask..
On line writing support
I facilitate writing courses for folk afar. Wherever you are in the world you can be part of a ‘virtual’ group
1 Somerset West
Magic Carpet Writing Group R590 (5 sessions)
Next meeting Wed 31 July 18.30 – 21.30
Need to be part of a fun-loving supportive thinking/being group of aspirant writers?
…. we meet in an art studio. Writing exercises, conversation, energy, soup and wine. Beginners are welcome… make writing friends …. Our 2019 theme – the Hero’s Journey… creating your myth

  1. Pringle Bay Poetry Moments Monthly bring and share your own or poems you live and love … a freebie….. next Tues 30 July @ 18.01ish
  2. Johannesburg

A String of Beads Writing Wordshop: Threading your Story and Life
Sat 29 June 2019 09.30 – 16.15 R780
This bead wordshop is for those who wish to:
learn and practice the craft of writing
find support and good company
explore their creativity and imagination
find their voice
connect to readers

Beads feature in many cultures and faiths. Some sets are created from organic materials such as grasses, cocoons, shells, gems, crystals and ostrich eggs. There are rosaries such as ‘Our Lady Queen of Africa’ threaded with semi-precious stones. Upheavals, rituals, joy and suffering have inspired other bead work. Beads honour ancestors. They can be created around passions, exchange, relationships, meditations, significant symbols. The configurations are endless.
In the wordshop we create a set of beads, assign meaning to each bead and string our words around this structuring device. Each bead holds a kaleidoscope of stories asking to be told. So the beads act as a prompt. Beginner writers are welcome.
Bring writing materials, beads for mix and match and a lunch to share. I’ll provide tea and coffee. And will supply some extra beads
Venue: Reville Nussey’s home 28a Roux Str Rouxville 2192 083 692 6642

  1. Pringle Bay
    A String of Beads Writing Wordshop: Threading your Story and Life
    Sun 29 4 Aug 09.30 – 16.15 R480
    See description in 3 above
    Venue 345 Hangklip Rd Pringle Bay – home of Annemarie 082 900 9106
  2. Som West
    Creative writing at Reddam
    18July (Mandela Day)
  3. Drakensberg
    Story telling at a conference at Champagne Sports Resort
    23 July

Ongoing Activities (some new, some repeat info here)
The Rough Writing Road
A 16 week self-directed Online Journaling Course

Your course is invaluable…thank you for the inspiration and spontaneity you sow into the word around you. (Y O)

Writers all… I have created an online journal course with the help of an online ‘guru.’

Our guiding metaphor is the rough road we travel along on the writing path. I prompt via stories, questions, quotations, poems, memories and suggestions. These are drawn from many traditions and faiths. Helping you find your voice. As you walk you enter a great conversation with yourself … and others.
Why the rough road? It’s writing that has not been crafted or edited. Spontaneous. Rough as in rough days. Some of the 16 units are: Retraining the Eye…
Many Selves…Dreaming…The Fire that warms you Five Times…Living the Questions Now…

Self directed = it’s a bit like a workbook where you don’t interchange with the writer. So if you feel solitary, why not get a friend to do the course and share your passwords? There is also is a chat room though sometimes you might find it an echoing space as some folk prefer to work alone…and you could join up with a travelling companion, a friend, and share your response to the stories and other entries.
While you could take the rushed Writing Road and complete the course in 4 weeks, I suggest you pace yourself over the 16 weeks so you can breathe, be, absorb and reflect. For each unit you’ll write for 64 minutes (4 x 16 minute bursts)
Why 64?
It’s 8 x 8 (infinity). 64 hexagrams in the I Ching the book of Chinese wisdom …. 64 squares on a chessboard? And don’t forget the Beatles:

If I’d been out till quarter to three Would you lock the door, Will you still need me, will you Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m sixty-four?

Cost R950
How to subscribe:
for help: [email protected]
once you have paid and registered off you go
Aneta Shaw has kindly given permission to share part of her journal entry in response to the first story prompt:

Ok now we are talking about the tortoise and the eagle …the one who experiences and the one who facilitates the experience. It is about two realities. The eagle knows one and he shows it wordlessly to the tortoise who is overwhelmed and wants all to know about the more out there. Only one other tortoise hears him and his interest is piqued. He wants it too.

So the question is how to wordlessly take your reader /viewer on a flight where you show him another reality without saying anything? still feed me, When I’m sixty-four?