Creative Wordshops July 2017 Writing Newsletter

Writing Newsletter

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Dear writer, storyteller, reader, traveller, lover of words, images, silences…

Your Life your Movie A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet (Nohea)
I was born in a Kimberley flat above a bank and a bioscope– The Plaza. Saturday morning in the comic swapping queue hungry for heroes waiting for Gene Autry. the singing cowboy to gallop across the screen. Our feet drummming to horse thunder. No 3D glasses needed. We were in that prairie town after the badmen.

Much later I encountered the Upanishads text. ‘Two birds, inseparable friends, sit in the same tree. The one eats the sweet fruit the other watches without eating.’ So the possibility of being in two places at the same time – the watcher in the movie seat and the cowboy on the screen. There is something larger than life here. Joseph Campbell mythologist , saw something godlike in such a liminal space.

He also observed that looking back over a life we become aware of the plot in our novel. In an article Turn your notebook into a camera Roy Peter Clark writes: Before there was cinema, writers wrote cinematically. Influenced by the visual arts — by portraits and tapestries — authors have long understood how to shift their focus back and forth to capture both landscape and character. ….cinematic techniques can be traced to the earliest expression of English literature. A thousand years ago, the unnamed poet who wrote the epic “Beowulf” knew how to write cinematically. He could pull back the lens to establish heroic settings of land and sea; and he could move in close to see the jeweled fingers of the queen or the demonic light in a monster’s eyes. In Your Life your Movie wordshops which I’ve currently been facilitating, we become both the director and a character in our story, re-imagining the life we have lived. So your title?

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