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On line writing support
I facilitate writing courses for folk afar. Wherever you are in the world you can be part of a ‘virtual’ group

1 Somerset West
Magic Carpet Writing Group R590 (5 sessions)
Next meeting Wed 6 Nov 18.30 – 21.30
Need to be part of a fun-loving supportive thinking/being group of aspirant writers?
…. we meet in an art studio. Writing exercises, conversation, energy, soup and wine. Beginners are welcome… make writing friends …. Our 2019 theme – the Hero’s Journey… creating your mythPringle Bay Poetry Moments Monthly bring and share your own or poems you poems you live and love … a freebie….. next… Thurs 7 Nov @ 18.01ish

Bloemfontein /Clarence
20- 26 Nov
Story-telling for Coaches and Visionaries Igno van Niekerk and Werner Schmidht are Sir Put-togethers.

The Rough Writing Road

A 16 week self-directed Online Journaling Course
Your course is invaluable…thank you for the inspiration and spontaneity you sow into the word around you. (Y O)

Writers all… I have created an online journal course with the help of an online ‘guru.’

Our guiding metaphor is the rough road we travel along on the writing path. I prompt via stories, questions, quotations, poems, memories and suggestions. These are drawn from many traditions and faiths. Helping you find your voice. As you walk you enter a great conversation with yourself … and others.
Why the rough road? It’s writing that has not been crafted or edited. Spontaneous. Rough as in rough days. Some of the 16 units are: Retraining the Eye…
Many Selves…Dreaming…The Fire that warms you Five Times…Living the Questions Now…

Self directed = it’s a bit like a workbook where you don’t interchange with the writer. So if you feel solitary, why not get a friend to do the course and share your passwords? There is also is a chat room though sometimes you might find it an echoing space as some folk prefer to work alone…and you could join up with a travelling companion, a friend, and share your response to the stories and other entries.
While you could take the rushed Writing Road and complete the course in 4 weeks, I suggest you pace yourself over the 16 weeks so you can breathe, be, absorb and reflect. For each unit you’ll write for 64 minutes (4 x 16 minute bursts)

Why 64?
It’s 8 x 8 (infinity). 64 hexagrams in the I Ching the book of Chinese wisdom……. 64 base codons of the genetic code…. 64 squares on a chessboard? And don’t forget the Beatles:
If I’d been out till quarter to three Would you lock the door, Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m sixty-four? Cost R950