Creative Wordshops August 2018 Writing Letter

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Quantum Science, Quantum Literature

A hydrogen atom in a cell at the end of my nose was once part of an elephant’s trunk.
(Jostein Gaarder)

I recently met up with two men who in 1962 had been in the same first year residence
at Rhodes University with me. We never met. One was studying Pharmacy, the other
Botany and Micro-biology. I in Humanities. Despite the genre of Science fiction, Science
and Literature seldom met across the divide.

Yet for more than a century physicists, novelists and poets
have been travelling between the two realms. Inhabiting
both. It seems there is a time lag before discoveries that
change the way we understand and interpret the mysteries
of our world arrive in our consciousness. We in live Newton
Avenue while Einstein Circle calls us across the street. I love
scientists, sci-fi writers and poets who inhabit and enthuse
about both words.

In the 2000’s when I took part in conferences in Boulder
Colorado as a story-teller, I met Leonard Shlain (1937-2009) an
American surgeon, author, and inventor. We shared many
conversations. Here is part of the blurb on one of his books

Art interprets the visible world, physics charts its unseen workings–making the two
realms seem completely opposed….Aristotle to Einstein, artists have
foreshadowed the discoveries of scientists, such as when Monet and Cezanne
intuited the coming upheaval in physics that Einstein would initiate. In this lively
and colorful narrative, Leonard Shlain explores how artistic breakthroughs could
have prefigured the visionary insights of physicists….Provacative and original, Art
& Physics is a seamless integration of the romance of art and the drama of
science…and exhilarating history of ideas.