Creative Wordshops April 2018 Writing Newsletter

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The Inner Critic’s Identikit

The Greeks have a mythoogical deity named Momus, the god of mockery and fault finding. This carping critic is inside each of us.” (Henriette Klauser)

Momus, the mean-spirited god of blame, heaped failure, insignificance and worthlessness on mortals. Twin brother of Oizys, the goddess of distress, anxiety and worry, Momus personified the destructive force of fault-finding, draining mortals of confidence.

This god was asked to judge the creations of Zeus, Athena and Prometheus. Zeus produced a man, Athena a house and Prometheus a bull. Momus had no good word to say about any. He criticised man, saying that his mind should have been placed on the outside of his body to enable everyone to see his negative qualities. He criticised the house saying that it should have had wheels so it could be easily moved and he criticised the bull saying that its eyes should have been placed on its horns so it could see what it was attacking.

In Marlow’s Dr Faustus, the intellectual giant who has bartered his soul to the Devil for 24 years of pleasure, confronts his final hour. He cries out.’ I’ll leap up to my God. Who pulls me down?’ A pertinent question. I often wonder how writing, so natural, spontaneous and joyous, has become so fraught and intimidating for so many people.

April letter 2018