What’s on – November 2017

The Rough Writing Road
A 16 week self-directed Online Journaling Course

Writers all… I have created an online journal course with the help of an on line ‘guru.’ Our guiding metaphor is the rough road we travel along on the writing path. I prompt via stories, questions, quotations, poems, memories and suggestions. These are drawn from many traditions and faiths. Helping you find your voice. As you walk you enter a great conversation with yourself … and others.
Why the rough road? It’s writing that has not been crafted or edited. Spontaneous. Rough as in rough days. Some of the 16 units are: Retraining the Eye…
Many Selves…Dreaming…The Fire that warms you
Five Times…Living the Questions Now…

While you could take the rushed Writing Road and compete the course in 4 weeks, I suggest you pace yourself over the 16 weeks so you can breathe, be, absorb and reflect. For each unit you’ll write for 64 minutes (4 x 16 minute bursts)
64 ?
it’s 8 x 8 (infinity). 64 hexagrams in the I Ching the book of Chinese wisdom……. 64 nucleotides of the genetic code…. 64 squares on a chessboard? And don’t forget the Beatles:

If If I’d been out till quarter to three Would you lock the door, Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I’m sixty-four?
Cost R950 (first 16 guinea pigs R800 … you’ll feed back any glitches)
How to subscribe:
for help: [email protected]

1. Somerset West
The Magic Carpeters Writing Group R580 (5 sessions)
Last Wed evening of every month 18.30 – 21.30

…. we meet in an art studio. Writing exercises, conversation, energy, soup and wine. .Beginners are welcome.. make writing friends …. Current theme: writing your life as if directing a movie script. Next eve Wed 25 Oct.
2. Rosebank (southern suburbs)
Sunrise Sunset… recalling our Stories R50

Fri 20 Oct 09.45-12.45 Sunrise sunset, sunrise, sunset / Swiftly flow the days, Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers / Blossoming even as they gaze…
Stories are gifts we give ourselves, our children, grandchildren, great-grands and those yet unborn. This wordshop, especially but not only for Rosedale residents, is about recalling your stories. Join us for a fun filled morning. I create a safe space. We use prompts to remember and find ways to tell those stories. Writing is not a talent but skill which we can all learn. It’s never too late.
Bring pen and paper.
Venue: Rosedale Rosebank
Bookings: Sue Gow [email protected]

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