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Postcards from the Edge

My mother is a great artist, but she always treated her paintings like minor postcards. (Isabel Allende)[[[)
When last did you send or receive a postcard – if ever? The image on one side. On the reverse the vertical line dividing message and address? 4 x 6 or wide angled. Regulation thickness. Slapstick seaside, Sufi temple ,Parthenon. Wish you were here. Postcards from the Edge, a semi-autobiographical novel by Carrie Fisher, adapted into a motion picture,(Merril Streep, Shirley Maclean, Gene Hackman et al) revolves around movie actress Suzanne Vale as she tries to reassemble her life. The prologue contains postcards written to her brother, friend, and grandmother. And what of poetry? Here’ a verse from Margaret Atwood’s Postcards:

I’m thinking about you. What else can I say? The palm trees on the reverse are a delusion; so is the pink sand. What we have are the usual fractured coke bottles and the smell of backed-up drains, too sweet, like a mango on the verge of rot, which we have also.The air clear sweat, mosquitoes & their tracks; birds & elusive.
Aug 2017 newsletter

Aug 2017 newsletter